Friday, August 18, 2017

Rosecliff, Newport

Rosecliff Newport Rhode Island

My bride was from New Jersey and contacted me from Wedding Wire.  Her taste was impeccable and the job itself grand. Her request was one that gave us a challenge as it was our first wedding at Rosecliff, a mansion in Newport, RI.  A gorgeous site, a gorgeous selection, and work that was a welcome challenge.

Our client provided a number of ideas with pictures, we narrowed it down to a few. Her sweetheart table consisted of a waterfall arrangement, a cascading piece of roses and hydrangeas that swept all the way to the floor.  A beautiful love seat sat behind the rose gold linen with this extravagant piece. Among the sweetheart table sat an additional 15 tables. We provided rental pilsner vases with varying cylinders to provide dimension throughout the reception room.  The flowers that topped these pieces were a gorgeous selection of secret rose selection, a blush color along with pink spray roses white hydrangeas and white stock tucked in.  There was concern with the reception pieces and its potential to be top heavy. A suggestion of water beads and lighting was made to my bride, which she was happy to agree with.  The style added more ornate decor to each piece.

The ceremony site itself made way for a new era of additional services. The bride ordered a white Chuppah with a swag decor of roses and hydrangeas that lined the top of the Chuppah. Thick and luscious piece across the top that sat in the sea breeze from the ocean scene in the background.  Breath taking. We were able to affix the piece without much complications, and additional roses, hydrangeas and greenery was added. Before setting the piece on top, white sheer treatments were added among four additional arrangements that sat centered among each post.

All in all it was an absolutely gorgeous day for a gorgeous wedding. A lot of work, but a day I can be proud of. 

-Ann Marie Peckham

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Sapphire Estate

November 18, 2016
Sapphire Estate was a beautiful venue nestled in a rural area of Sharon, Ma. There it overlooked a large lake and looked much like a bed and breakfast. Here is the link: Saphire Estate

The venue itself exuded romance, and the flowers themselves, well, they speak for themselves.  My bride had impeccable taste and allowed me to create a collection based on her color scheme. With November weddings, it is a fine line of a fall creation versus a winter creation. This I felt was a beautiful collection of roses and hydrangeas that had a sophisticated fall feel versus a classic fall style.

Lets talk about the fireplace mantle:  We had debated about putting a swag arrangement across the mantle with some tea light candles. But I think coming up with the mercury votive with clustered flowers really added some dimension along with all those pillar candles. I just had too much fun with those rose petals!

As you can see, absolutely gorgeous setting for an intimate ceremony. The petals you see in the aisle where actually silk petals purchased by the Bride. The venue did not allow for fresh petals, so we opted for the silk, Which worked out nicely. She had purchased so many that it actually wrapped around the back of the chairs.
 I do most of my own photography, and sometimes I get it right. This picture I found interesting with the brides bouquet placed in front of the stonework. 
  The Reception site was actually right in the same room with the ceremony site, the venue provided privacy curtains that could easily be removed after the ceremony. I imagine the chairs were then removed and the dance floor was open in front of the fireplace.

My bride wasn't sure she wanted to do the monograms, but then left it up to me to come up with an idea for them.  So here it is. I like doing low arrangements in front of the bride and groom so pictures can be taken but also it makes a statement.  Congratulations to my Bride and Groom, warmest wishes for your future!

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Waypoint Event Center

First Wedding of 2015 was this past April at the Waypoint Event Center in New Bedford.  The Brides color scheme was a gorgeous combination of navy, gray and blush. This is my first blog about the recent weddings we have created so bear with me.  I will try to be descriptive and offer some insight in the behind the scenes of our work and what it entails.
 The brides floral choices consisted of white and blush standard roses with a combination of spray roses as well.  She had also requested sweet pea, which at first I was unsure if I could get in, luckily it was available. 
Thankfully I had decent lighting in the shop and my camera is somewhat fancy.  You can almost smell the sweet pea...such a gorgeous bouquet.  During this this photo shoot, my daughter Leah was traipsing around and picked up one of the bridesmaids bouquet, which I quickly snapped this picture:
Tinkerbell was too work is some of my favorite design work.  I love to create something unique for each of my clients and love the reactions when the see the finished product.  
Corsage work is one of my favorite things as well.   We use a lightweight wrist band that can have a variation of pearls or gem beads and the corsage itself is comfortable in sizing for the Client.  I like to accent it with a satin or sheer ribbon to complement the dress color if its provided.  Otherwise I try to keep things neutral. 
inally, the set up at the Waypoint was fairly simple.  All of the centerpieces were already made so it was a matter of placement, and petals around the base as a final touch.  The Waypoint is beautiful inside.  The room located on the second floor attached to the hotel provides an intimate reception with intricate stonework. Perfect for a small intimate wedding or event. 
I loved how perfect that bow was tied by the wedding coordinator, who by the way, was a pleasure to work with.  And finally, my little one once again the center of attention during the photo shoot as she was grabbing for my camera.
I loved the stone work in this venue. 

Crystal Lake Golf Club

This was the first time I did a wedding at the Crystal Lake Golf Club located over in Burriville, RI. The golf course was set right on Crystal lake with beautiful rolling hills surrounding it. Not only did I have the opportunity to render my services, I was invited to the wedding itself by my two friends.  If you are in search of a venue, I recommend taking a look here Crystal Lake Golf Club and seeing for yourself what it has to offer. 
The ceremony setting was peaceful, especially during the set up. It was a warm day with a soft wind coming off the water. It was set back in the woods which the venue shuttles you back and forth, I was able to get right to the site though with my vehicle. When we first arrived, we met with the coordinator who was very friendly and helpful. I brought with me my employee and friend Ivy, a recent graduate of Bristol Aggie's Floriculture program. Not only did she help with the set up, but also attended the wedding as my plus one.  Which the food, by the way was delicious. 
So theres me, taking a picture of the finished work and Ivy taking a picture of me. I guess it could be of me sweating standing on a step ladder while arranging flowers, so thanks Ivy.... 
My bride had very good taste and was a pleasure to work with,  Her colors were navy and yellow but loved the idea of the babies breath in the galvanized buckets. 
I actually really like how these came out, initally we had ordered 4.5X5 in buckets, way too small, turns out my supplier had 7.5 inch buckets at the same cost, so that worked out well. 
*Sigh* I love the gazebo, what a beautiful spot to say your vows. It actaully was relatively easy set up, I was smart enough to bring along my step ladder so being vertically challenged already was over come.  I liked that Carrie (my bride) left the flower selections up to me for this, its always fun to see what new combinations you can come up with.  For the corner swags, Erica (one of my designers) did a good job translating my handwritting for one, but also coming up with the flower selections for these pieces. 
One challenge you face as a designer is creating duplicate arrangements.  It was really helpful to have Ivy there to be able to stand back and guide me as to placement of flowers.  I tend to have a terrible short term memory so it's helpful to have the extra guidance.  The flowers we chose where a beautiful combination.  The roses themselves where a high magic yellow, with just a suttle crimson edge.  The white flowers are one of my favorite football mums, are are so versitile in weddings.  Yellow gerber daisies and daisy mums.  I think the sweeping grass just gave it the elegant touch. Blue delphinium to bring in the blue element of the wedding theme, then white daisy asters, yellow solidago and just a touch of babies breath to tie in the galvalized buckets. 
The bridal work:
I loved her bouquet: All white hydrangeas with just a touch of white stephanosis with a little diamond bling.  We wanted to tie in the navy element for the rest of the wedding party.
Carrie wanted to have all solid yellow colors on the bridesmaids flowers and all white on hers.  It really make her bouquet pop. 
The flowers used in the bridesmaids bouquet were yellow roses, yellow spray roses, yellow football mums.
I wanted to integrate the white stephanosis in the grooms boutionnerre, which added a nice element. 
Flower girl flower ball made up of white football mums. The model in the picture is my daughter Leah.  She makes a cute model. 
In closing, it was a beautiful ceremony, and a beautiful day overall.  It's nice to see a wedding come together but whats even more, is being apart of such a special day. 
My plus 1